How does it feel to be one of the first batch students of the SHS K-12 Program?

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K-12 Program was implemented in my country, Philippines, on 2012. Honestly we’re already left behind by our neighbor or other countries that’s why it was really a significant decision that our government made.

Consequently, this program had a lot of complaints especially from those family with financial problems. I understand them for feeling that way because it was really hard to study if there’s a financial instability.

But all I could advice them is there’s always a solution for every problem. If you are really determined, then find a solution no matter what.

So, as a first batch student of SHS in our country, I could say that it is a privilege because I’m one of the students to experience the new curriculum. I felt excited to experience another part of my journey. I was excited and happy to meet another set of classmates, their different personalities and uniqueness. It’s a happy thought for me. I was really excited before in my Junior High School (JHS) to become a Senior High School student because I couldn’t wait to experience what would happen in that level of my education. I thought that it was less stressful than JHS but expectedly I was wrong.

On the first month of classes, we focused more on activities that would help us to be nurtured on the start of SHS. The topic that would be discussed was the same for all teachers, that’s why one activity was equivalent to three or more class sessions. Honestly, I felt bored those times because one topic was discussed again and again and again. But I need to understand the situation because it was in the curriculum guide. It’s not our teachers fault because they were just following the guidelines. Students like me should just have patience, be patient all the time as what I always say to myself. 🙂

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