Is it stressful to be a senior student?

As what I’ve said in my previous post, SHS was great. On the other hand, if I will to compare it to my JHS, ofcourse it’s more difficult because we’re not that familiar with most of our subjects and the topics were already difficult especially on subjects with numbers just like Statistics.

We should cope up easily with our lessons because our allotted time in every subject were not enough or insufficient. Another was that, some topics or lessons in our other subjects were difficult to understand that’s why it’s really stressful.

One example situation where we experienced a lot of stress was when all activities or tasks given should be passed on the same date without fully understanding the whole lesson.

I’m not saying that we experienced stress all those times being a senior student, but if I were to compare it to other grade levels, then it’s truly more stressful.

But the most stressful moment in SHS is the finals on the second semester of course. This is the time when all the requirements needed in every subject should be passed, and the length of time to do all it is less than a week so we, students need to rush so hard that we couldn’t even take a rest or sleep at night because we’re busy doing all of it.

In that particular moment, I’d think of studying = study + dying. :/

I could say that it was my first time to feel that kind of stress in my whole high school life, that’s why I should really be ready in Grade 12 because I’m sure it’ll be more difficult and stressful.

But to think all of it, I think it is an advantage for us. Through this, we’ll not be shocked anymore and won’t be that stressful anymore in college because maybe we would be finally used to it. Hope so…


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