Is it stressful to be a senior student?

As what I’ve said in my previous post, SHS was great. On the other hand, if I will to compare it to my JHS, ofcourse it’s more difficult because we’re not that familiar with most of our subjects and the topics were already difficult especially on subjects with numbers just like Statistics.

We should cope up easily with our lessons because our allotted time in every subject were not enough or insufficient. Another was that, some topics or lessons in our other subjects were difficult to understand that’s why it’s really stressful.

One example situation where we experienced a lot of stress was when all activities or tasks given should be passed on the same date without fully understanding the whole lesson.

I’m not saying that we experienced stress all those times being a senior student, but if I were to compare it to other grade levels, then it’s truly more stressful.

But the most stressful moment in SHS is the finals on the second semester of course. This is the time when all the requirements needed in every subject should be passed, and the length of time to do all it is less than a week so we, students need to rush so hard that we couldn’t even take a rest or sleep at night because we’re busy doing all of it.

In that particular moment, I’d think of studying = study + dying. :/

I could say that it was my first time to feel that kind of stress in my whole high school life, that’s why I should really be ready in Grade 12 because I’m sure it’ll be more difficult and stressful.

But to think all of it, I think it is an advantage for us. Through this, we’ll not be shocked anymore and won’t be that stressful anymore in college because maybe we would be finally used to it. Hope so…


What are the things I love about SHS life?

My grade 11 life in SHS is soon to finish. I could say that it’s indeed an unforgettable school year of my life just like my previous grade levels. There are lots of moments that I wouldn’t forget with my Grade 11 classmates and teachers.

One thing I love about SHS is that I know I will develop more of myself.

I’ve realized that every task given should be done responsibly and I should be dedicated to it not only because I want to achieve higher grades, but because I want to enjoy and feel the life of being a SHS student. Another reason is that I also want that everything I do makes me happy. It’s my final level in high school, so I should just enjoy and make all the years I’ve spent in JHS be worth it. I could only experience this once in a lifetime, so be with it and live and study with no regrets. Because I know I’m going to miss it when it ends.

For this school year, I’ve observed other SHS students like me complaining how hard it is in SHS, and they said that we were already like a college student. But I disagree, because they were just saying it because they were not used to face task a lot.

As what T. Haru Eker said, “If you are willing to do only what’s easy, life will be hard. But if you are willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy.”

This is a good thing about SHS because those students who were very relaxed and carefree would be able to face their responsibilities as a student and through this, they will discover more of their selves.

Being a SHS student,  I’ve discovered and improved more of my skills and abilities because honestly speaking, being a SHS student made me confident to let those skills and abilities be recognized.

What I love the most about being a SHS student is that I figure out what I want to do with my life.

Most students would maybe agree with me, and others may not. But what really is important, whether we like it or not, SHS is a big help for students like me to know and understand deeply our own selves, those strengths and weaknesses we have for us to manage it properly.

How does it feel to be one of the first batch students of the SHS K-12 Program?

This is the post excerpt.


K-12 Program was implemented in my country, Philippines, on 2012. Honestly we’re already left behind by our neighbor or other countries that’s why it was really a significant decision that our government made.

Consequently, this program had a lot of complaints especially from those family with financial problems. I understand them for feeling that way because it was really hard to study if there’s a financial instability.

But all I could advice them is there’s always a solution for every problem. If you are really determined, then find a solution no matter what.

So, as a first batch student of SHS in our country, I could say that it is a privilege because I’m one of the students to experience the new curriculum. I felt excited to experience another part of my journey. I was excited and happy to meet another set of classmates, their different personalities and uniqueness. It’s a happy thought for me. I was really excited before in my Junior High School (JHS) to become a Senior High School student because I couldn’t wait to experience what would happen in that level of my education. I thought that it was less stressful than JHS but expectedly I was wrong.

On the first month of classes, we focused more on activities that would help us to be nurtured on the start of SHS. The topic that would be discussed was the same for all teachers, that’s why one activity was equivalent to three or more class sessions. Honestly, I felt bored those times because one topic was discussed again and again and again. But I need to understand the situation because it was in the curriculum guide. It’s not our teachers fault because they were just following the guidelines. Students like me should just have patience, be patient all the time as what I always say to myself. 🙂